Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get WayuMD?

You can download WayuMD mobile apps from the App Store (for iOS devices) and Play Store (for Android devices). You can also access the web app from your laptop/desktop computer on a browser on

Can I keep WayuMD on multiple devices?

Yes, you may download WayuMD on multiple devices, and use the app with the same account. However, for security reasons, you may not stay logged in or use the app from multiple devices at the same time.

How can I use the WayuMD app?

WayuMD is meant to extend your in-person relationship with your patients, and help them seek your advice and consults anytime, anywhere.

Why should I complete my Profile?

Your profile contains important and relevant health information that could help your doctor understand you better during your consults. Having a complete and updated health profile will help you get smarter and better consults. It may also help avoid any errors that result from the Doctor/HCP not being aware of pertinent medical information about you.

Who can seek my consults on WayuMD?

Typically, your existing patients would like to use WayuMD to follow-up with you, check in with you while undergoing a treatment plan, or ask a medical or health-related questions. They might also seek a consult online when seeing you in person is not feasible or not required. You may also get consults from new patients who’ve found you online, and would like to establish a care relationship with you.

What if the consult/question cannot be addressed in texts?

WayuMD is meant to complement the care and service your provide your patients. It is not a replacement for personal visits or any of the healthcare services you offer that involve you seeing the patient face-to-face. Typically, your patients would be aware of this. Should a patient send a consult query that you believe cannot be addressed via the App, you must ask them to see you in person. Please note: WayuMD is not meant to be used in cases of medical emergencies or serious medical situations.

What is a Care Team?

A patient’s Care Team consists of doctors like yourself and other healthcare providers, who advise and support their health and well-being. On WayuMD, the doctors on a patient’s Care Team can refer to their medical profile and be accessible to them for online consults, as needed.

How do I take a consultation on WayuMD?

You will find the consult requests from your patients waiting on your app dashboard. You can tap on a message to view it, chat with the patient and send them a prescription as needed. Once you have completed the consultation, you may tap on the ‘end consult’ to close the consult.

When do I have to reply to a new consult?

You are welcome to set your own availability to see consults on the WayuMD app. Your patients will be aware of your availability when they send you a query. You may look at their query and message them when it suits you. We do recommend you try to respond to the patients within a few hours.

How does a consult end?

It is up to you to keep a consult open as long as you want. You may want a patient to check back in with you within a few hours or days. Keeping the consult open means that they can send you chat messages and files as necessary. When you feel that the consultation for the given medical query has been addressed, you may end the consult (via the icon at the top of the screen). Once the consult has ended, the patient cannot send you chat messages, and their record gets archived.

What is Quick Rx?

The Quick Rx feature allows you to easily write an e-prescription for a patient visiting you in person. Your prescription and notes get delivered to your patient’s WayuMD app, and are archived in their Past Records. If they are not on WayuMD, this is a great way to inform them about your online clinic. When they set up their WayuMD account via the Quick Rx link in their email, they will also find you added to their Care Team.

What is your Cancellation & Refund Policy?

Patients may cancel any consult request before the doctor has started looking at it, and get a full refund as WayuMD Credits.

Where can I find my old consults?

All consultations you do through the WayuMD App are archived in a private and secure cloud server. You can look up an old consult by searching for the consultation number or the Patient’s WayuMD member ID.