online practice

Your own Online Practice

The WayuMD app helps you set up a virtual clinic that is an extension of your existing practice

online practice

Enjoy higher incomes

An online clinic increases your patient interactions, while keeping costs low.

online practice

Become a world-class doctor

The best practitioners around the world utilise digital tools to enhance their practice.

online practice

Enhance quality of care

WayuMD apps make patient visits more informative & efficient with medical profiles, health data and histories.

online practice

Help your patients live well

Staying connected with their doctors has shown to improve patients’ engagement with their own health.

online practice

Expand your reach

Expand your practice beyond your local geography, and offer care and advice to remotely located patients.

A medical app you can use online and in clinic.

online practice

Virtual Clinic

Set your own timing, fees for your Online Clinic, and digitise your practice


online practice

Wait Room

Consult requests queued so you can chat with your patients when you’re ready.


online practice

Consult Chat

Convenient and non-intrusive chat so you can easily and effectively give health advice to patients

online practice


Add patients to your network and access their medical profiles including vaccinations and growth charts for children.

online practice


Use your WayuMD to dispense medical advice including prescriptions and diet plans remotely as well as for in-person visits.

online practice

Health Trends

Provided data-driven care for chronic conditions by monitoring patients health metrics like blood pressure, glucose, weight, etc.

How it Works


Download the Mobile App and submit your details along with your Medical Registration Certificate.

Setup Online Practice

Once your details are verified by the WayuMD Team, you can setup up your Online Practice. Set your own fees, availability and medical expertise..

Invite Patients

You will be assigned a unique WayuMD ID. Share this with your patients via the Invite feature in the app.

Clinic Visits

Use the Clinic feature in your app to check-in patients when they visit you in your clinic. Write Prescription, record vitals, print consultation report, all from within the App

Remote Consultations

Access new consult requests from your patients in your virtual Wait Room. Your can also access your Clinic Visit consultation in your Wait Room and follow-up with your patients via in-built Chat.

Dispense Advice

Your WayuMD App allows you to write and digitally sign any medical and/or diet advice for your patients.

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